Welcome to the new "What's New" feed!

Our new "What's New" feed has been implemented to keep you up to date on just that—what’s new at Chargify. From small updates to brand new features and functionality, this will serve as a real-time feed for all release communications.

There are a few different ways to access the feed:

  • The in-app “What’s New” widget: You will see an unread notifications indicator when new updates are posted and can click to expand at any time.
  • Public site: You can always follow what's new at https://whatsnew.chargify.com  
  • Push notifications: You can optionally subscribe to push notifications that will notify you whenever new updates are posted, even if you’re not logged in to the Chargify application.

We’ll continue to send periodic “what’s new” roundup emails, but we wanted to provide a medium to communicate real-time updates—without clogging your inbox every time there is something new to share.

We’re working on a lot of great product improvements, and we’re excited to quickly share these updates with you!