Enhanced Commissions Reporting with Sales Rep Listed Directly on Your Subscriptions

Tracking sales representative commissions is important as your business and sales team grow. To help support your commission needs, we have added the Sales Rep to the Subscription record within the Summary tab. This information then flows through to the Sales Commission Report for easier commissions management.  

We have also added the Sales Rep to our API endpoints, so this information can be managed directly through your CRM (or any other system) and passed into Chargify as needed. To ensure continued security, a new authentication method has been introduced to all you to access this seller level data. Access to the Sales Commission API is available to users with financial access and Advanced Analytics.

Note: The Sales Rep listed at the time of running the report will be referenced for all revenue associated to that specific Subscription.

Your product feedback is always welcome as we continue to invest in our commissions functionality. If you have specific commissions requests or feedback, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Chargify Support.

For more information on managing you Sales Reps on your Subscriptions, see our documentation