Easier Bad Debt Management with New Collections Status

Managing past due Invoices is now easier with the Chargify collections status. This new invoice status allows you to better manage invoices who have passed through the dunning process without a successful payment being collected but are not ready to close the invoice. This invoice status is used when still attempting to collect payment after dunning concludes.

Note: Collection status for invoices is available regardless of your subscription status. 

To turn this on for your site, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Chargify Support team.

For more information, please see our documentation >

Organization Now Included in Recent Activity Lists

It is now possible to see the Organization in addition to the account holders name within the Dashboard and ‘Recent Activity’ lists. This additional data point provides additional clarity around many activities including signups, invoices and payments. 

For more information on our Activity Track, see our documentation >

End of Trial Email Timing Updates

It is now possible to specify when ‘End of Trial’ emails are sent. This email was previously only sent out 3 days prior to a trial ended but is now configurable to be any number of days you wish. This enhancement is especially useful if you have contract terms or renewal periods greater than a month. 3 days will continue to be the default setting unless an administrator updates this setting within your configuration.

Learn more about Chargifys email configuration in our documentation >

Ease of Use Update for API Keys and Service Dates

It is now possible to hide service dates from line item presentment on Chargify invoices. This update does not charge the billing functionality in any way, but simply impacts what is displayed on your customers invoice. With this update, invoices become easier to understand if you are running an offset billing cycle for your customer base.

Also, It is now possible to label your API keys directly in the Chargify UI allowing admins to know exactly what that API key is being used for.

For more information on invoice dates, see our service date documentation here and for additional information on API key labeling, see our API documentation here.

New Dunning Options Available

Many customers on our invoice architecture have subscriptions which remit payment against invoices manually. It is now possible to send dunning notifications to customers who receive manually remitted invoices or who are not set up for automatic payments via Chargify. This new functionality will allow you to automate the dunning notifications for these invoices, reducing your need to chase after customers when payments are late.

This new dunning flow is triggered when the invoice is passed due. An invoice is past due when today's date is greater than the invoice issue date plus the net terms associated with the specific invoice. From there, dunning emails are triggered based on your specific invoice dunning configurations. These configurations include the number of emails you send, when they are sent, what actions for the customer to take, etc.

Secondly, it is now possible to omit customers and their subscriptions from all dunning flows. This will ensure your customers do not receive automated dunning outreach. This feature is especially useful when you are dealing with your high importance, high touch customers. Configuring a customer to be included or excluding from dunning, is a simple yes / no field on the subscription record.

For more information on our dunning functionality, see our documentation

More Zapier Automation Now Available

We’ve ramped up our Zapier capabilities to make it even easier to integrate Chargify with hundreds of other SaaS applications. Our new Zapier triggers, searches, and actions (TSAs) can be used to automate thousands of actions via Zaps, the automated workflows you can build and customize for your business. Our new TSAs include:

Triggers based on the following events in Chargify:

  • New Invoice
  • New Subscription
  • New Customer
  • Subscription Trial End
  • Subscription Pending Renewal

Searches in Chargify for:

  • Customers
  • Components
  • Products
  • Product Family’s

And Actions your Zaps can drive in Chargify including the creation of:

  • Coupons
  • Subscriptions
  • Price Points
  • Customers

To see how Zapier can help with your Chargify integrations, see Zapier's App Documentation >

Support for Visa’s New Free Trial Policy Updates

Visa new guidelines roll out April 18th 2020 with the goal of enhanced transaction disclosures, reduced chargebacks, and empowered customers' shopping experiences for subscription-based merchants. to support this, we have made a few updates to ensure you are staying compliant:

  • New T&C’s check-box on Chargify supplied sign-up pages
  • New email notification settings and the ability to provide direct cancellation links
  • New fully detailed transaction receipts available
  • Additional statement descriptions for trials and introductory promotion related subscriptions
  • Additional cancellation links

Please note: These updates are dependent on the gateways making updates as well, and will therefore be rolled out per gateway. Our current list of completed gateways is below. The rest of our gateway integration updates are in progress. As we work with our gateway partners to finalize their specific updates, this list will be updated within our product documentation.

Completed Gateways:

  • Adyen
  • Braintree
  • CyberSource
  • Stripe

For more information on staying compliant with Vias’s new policy, see our blog post

Our QuickBooks integration now supports QuickBooks Australia

Our QuickBooks integration now supports QuickBooks Australia in addition to the existing list of US and Canada. This update includes cash and accrual basis reporting and seamlessly syncing GST to QB Australia accounts.

If you are in the UK or Ireland, QuickBooks support will be available for you soon!

New deferment methods allow you to control how revenue is recognized

Our new deferment method options allow you to define what calculation your revenue recognition reports use to distribute revenue across customers' service periods.

  • Prorated monthly prorates revenue for partial months based on the number of eligible days left in the month. So if a customer signs up for a $100/mo plan on June 15th, $50 would be recognized for June. This is the calculation that our revenue recognition reports have been using to date.
  • [NEW] Month by month will evenly distribute revenue by the full plan amount, independent of when a customer signs up. So if a customer signs up for a $100/mo plan on June 15th, $100 would be recognized for June.

Site filters for Cross-Site Analytics

Last month we announced Cross-Site Analytics. We've added a convenient Site filter that allows you to quickly view metrics from any Site or set of Sites from within your Cross-Site Analytics. Happy filtering!

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